Alicia's Art Cart

"During her 13 month battle with cancer, Alicia always found herself looking to art as a creative outlet and mental escape from all the hospital visits and treatments. During the time we had between hospitalizations or time at home, I found myself at our local arts & craft store to get her yet another craft kit or activity which she loved so much. She learned how to: collage, embroidery, and even make jewelry. All more ‘grown-up’ crafts that were not available in a children’s hospital." - Gisele DiNatale, President & Co-Founder

Alicia's passion became a reality when the Alicia's Art Cart pilot program launched in 2017. Starting with six local Children's Hospitals, the Art Carts were stocked with art supplies and craft activities for children and teens. In 2018, a partnership with Safelite AutoGlass extended the program, allowing it to reach nationwide from coast-to-coast! Today, our Alicia's Art Carts continue to roll down hospital hallways, providing creative resources for children and teens. Currently, there are 49 Alicia's Art Carts located in Children's Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers throughout the country.

Read an amazing story from Virtual Memorial Hospital about the impact of Alicia's Art Cart.

If you are interested in supporting the ongoing restocking of supplies, donations are always welcome!

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