Teen Lounges

Time in the hospital means time away from school, friends and the life they knew. It becomes critical for these teens, who are facing the battle of their lives, to maintain a sense of connection to their family, friends, and lifestyle in order to battle their treatments with a solid frame of mind, courage, and determination.


A Teen Lounge is a specific space for the significant purpose of providing a social or quiet space for adolescents and young adults ages 13 and older. This special place is designed to help patients take a welcome break from their treatment and a way to meet others their age, and support each other. Here they can watch movies, play video games, communicate with friends and family online or just relax. Teen lounges include board games, computers, big screen TV, pool table, gaming systems, age-appropriate furnishings, and much more. Since 2004, 68 Teen Lounges have been supported by ARVF.

McLane Children's Teen Lounge Construction!

Nemours duPont Child Life Clubhouse!

If your facility supports adolescents being treated for a critical illness, and would like to apply for a Restricted Grant, click below.

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