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In the U.S., over 13,000 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer or are being treated for a life-threatening condition every year.


Raising awareness, and providing strength and support, for teens and young adults with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Through it's "Victorious 4 Teens" programs, the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation is dedicated to encourage and empower hospitalized teens and young adults diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. 


ARVF provides strength and support by creating one-of-a kind programs that include Teen Lounges, Teen Kits, activities, and social events exclusively so that they can maintain a sense of connection with their family, friends, and lifestyle.

  • Stay Strong

         As I sit in CHOP awaiting my room where I'll be firmly planted for the next month or so it's hard not to think about what I'll be missing. My favorite season, the coolest holiday, and of course the family that is unable to come see me. But there are ways to feel more connected. 

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