Fun”-raise. Host a “Bandana Day” at your School!


"Even though I would wear bandanas and hats to cover my dome, not everyone was well informed of my condition and I was humiliated and intimidated when I was asked to take off my hat because of school policy." – Alicia, 2002

After Alicia lost her battle with cancer, her friends decided that students needed to raise awareness about the struggles that teen cancer patients face.  Your classroom, school or school club, can be part of a national movement for teens with cancer to raise awareness. By hosting a Bandana Day at your school, students choose a colorful, fun bandana or a Bandana Band to wear on one day. Proceeds from these events support Teen Kits and Activities for hospitalized teens. You can even personalize your event by having it in memory of someone you know who has battled cancer, or another illness, and reigns as a local role model. What better way for your school to “show their colors” for friends or family members that cannot attend school with their peers?

Download the Bandana Day Guidelines here

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Teens 4 Teens!


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Have a Teen Kit Drive

Hospitalized teens are always looking for things to do while waiting around for treatments. Have a Teen Kit Drive to collect: Boys & Girls socks; Lip Balm; or Tic-Tacs. Bring the items to our office and the items will ship in with their Teen Kit & Bandana Pillow!



Shop ‘Victoriously’

Support hospitalized teens by purchasing one of the many items in our SHOP. Let others know what you are STRONGER THAN with our Limited Edition STRONGER THAN t-shirts. Or pick up a custom throw Bandana Pillow, or Band Together with a Bandana Band, where YOU pick the color to match your personality or a friends’.  A great way to let others know that you support Teen Cancer Awareness! Our “Get Your Bangle On” Charm Bracelets have over 175 unique charms to fit anyone’s personality. (All items include shipping and handling fees, and are tax-free!)


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Be Creative! Do Your Own Thing!

Raising funds for the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation is fun and exciting! YOUR imagination is the key! All the proceeds from your “fun”- raiser will directly support Victorious- 4-Teens programs in your local hospital. Here are just a few “fun” ideas:

  • Have a Dance, Swim, or Bowl-a-Thon.
  • Make your own ARVF cutout.pngcut-outs. Students write their names, & have a contest for the class with the most roses gets a prize!
  • Teacher ‘Dress Down Day’.
  • Have a Fashion Show! Students taking sewing classes can demonstrate their talents making apparel out of bandanas!!!
  • Have a Bake Sale with a contest for best baked goods.

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