World Cancer Day Donation

Your donation makes a difference with our Victorious 4 Teens Programs!



When you donate to the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation, your impact directly reaches a hospitalized teen. We carefully manage every donation to its fullest to support the innovative programs that make a difference.

In the fiscal year 2016, 81% of all expenditures went towards supporting hospitalized teens!



It may not be the cure for cancer, but your gift will provide teens with the encouragement and care they deserve.

Here is how your donation helps:

$500 - Give teens the creativity to express themselves with crafts and supplies from the Victorious 4 Teens Art Cart.

$100 - Give a Teen Kit & Bandana Pillow to hospitalized teen going through treatments.

$50 - Give a hospitalized teen the opportunity to experience the exciting night of Prom.

$25 - Give the gift of a hospitalized teen's favorite video game to entertain and help them pass the time in the hospital.

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