Whole Different Ball Game

     I've realized when dealing with college admins it's a whole different ball game. My high school would work to help me so that I was able to get my education even though I was medically not able to leave my house, college is more figure it out yourself. 

     It's disappointing when I go to a special needs advisor and they tell me that when I'm on crutches for 3 months after my surgery there is nothing they can do to or will do to help me get across campus to get to my classes on time. It definitely sucks to have to hear that, but I'm extremely determined. I won't let that stop me. I'm going to pursue what I want to do in college if they help me or not. Ill just be looked at like every other student. For better or worse that's the situation I'm in. It could be worse, at least I'm going to college. I look forward to my first day and figuring everything out.

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