Terror and Excitement

     Life has gone on as normal for the past week. School has been steady and I've been spending time with friends. No news is good news.

     Next week I will be speaking to an elementary school, and I am excitedly writing down what I plan to say to those young and bright minds. The feeling public speaking gives me is a mixture of horrifying terror and excitement. I have a fear of public speaking, but I am pushing myself through it. I am getting past it thanks to ARVF.

     It really is an amazing experience to go up in front of a few hundred kids and tell my story. They always look at me with eager eyes, wanting to know more. They can't fathom someone young getting cancer until they see it with their own eyes, not just on TV. I am so excited to continue speaking to schools and hopefully making a difference in their lives. 


Dakota with Monongahela Middle School Students speaking about Teen Cancer Awareness


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