Past is Your Past

     For my final high school English grade, I have to create a Senior Memoir of my years in high school and what lessons I will be taking away. I feel as though I will be taking away a lot more from the past four years than ninety percent of my peers. Although not all of my lessons have stemmed from walking these halls, they have affected how I walk them.


"I am standing up there to prove that your past is your past, let it make you stronger."


     There is no doubt what has impacted and changed me the most in the last four years was cancer, but there is also no doubt I will not just be known for getting sick in high school. I have impacted my friends and those who know me in a positive way. I have made them see that they can get through anything and still keep a smile on their face. I hope that my peers will see the strength that I had tried so hard to show and apply it to their own lives.

     I am very nervous about my senior memoir presentation, and showing pictures of my childhood to my senior year; having to have that chunk in the middle where my life seemed to hang on by threads. It will be extremely hard for me to present this assignment and to stand there explaining to a room full of not so understanding stares that I am standing up there to prove that your past is your past, let it make you stronger. I hope my classmates take some strength away from my presentation of what I've been through the last 4 years. 

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