Senior trip was this week. I had to take a deep breath and realize that it's not the end of the world that I was not on the trip. Seeing Snapchat stories and Facebook posts and Instagram posts, it was all too much. I cried a few times. I had a few hard nights.


"I am determined to keep making new amazing memories!"


     But I'm okay now. I'll get to go to Disney with family in July, but it really does suck not being a part of those memories with my friends. I have my whole life to make memories. I have to constantly remind myself that this trip wasn't a huge important thing that would have changed my life.

     It's still hard to swallow for me. I can't wait for everyone to get home so I don't have to think about it anymore. I still have prom and graduation...and my whole life. The most important thing is I still have time, I still have my life. I have all of that time to make my own memories.

     I'm sure when I'm 30 no one will be remembering a senior trip, it'll be other things that hopefully I'm a part of. But tomorrow is a senior skip day, so me and a group of friends are going to six flags, so I will be a part of that. I am determined to keep making new amazing memories! 


~ Me and my best friend on Senior Skip Day ~

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