I Got This

     Well yesterday was my first day back at school and it was nerve wracking! I was met with nothing but excitement and happiness from my friends and teachers, though. That made me feel great! Walking from class to class is still a little complicated. My classes can be upstairs then downstairs and constantly switching levels in the building. 

     Today was my second day and it went a lot smoother. I thankfully have enough credits that I don't have to break my neck in classes. I can have a mostly stress free senior year. I also got to drive to school today and I don't think my peers realize just how freeing that feels. Being able to control a vehicle is an amazing feeling.


"That's all you have to say, "I got this." Tell yourself that and you can do anything!"


      When I first started my day today I was a lot more calm than I had been yesterday, but when I get home I am exhausted. My body hasn't used this much energy in awhile, but I'm powering through it. I'm going to work after school and continuing my work with this foundation.

     Right now I'm playing a seemingly long game of catch up as my teachers scramble to make sure I understand what it happening in the classroom. So far it's been pretty easy and I've caught on fast. My biggest endeavors currently will be a scholarship essay, a literary analysis essay, and speaking to another school. It's great to finally be able to confidently say that I got this. That's all you have to say, "I got this." Tell yourself that and you can do anything! 


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