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For a lot of hospitalized children, treatments can be harsh. Teen Kits make the hospital stay a lot more comfortable, and provide a huge boost during what may be the most difficult time of their life! Teen Kits, Lounges, and Social Activities lets these teens know that someone cares, and understands their challenges while they wait for the cure. 

ARVF provides teen appropriate spaces (Teen Lounges); activities (Victorious 4 Teens programs); and products (Teen Kits & Bandana Pillows), to over 70,000 children throughout the country. They are proud to be a part of the healing while waiting for the cure.  A Teen Lounge is a special place designed to help patients take a welcome break from their treatment and a way to meet others their age, and support each other. Here they can watch movies, play video games, communicate with friends and family online or just relax. Teen Lounge Activities include board games, computers, big screen TV, pool table, gaming systems, age-appropriate furnishings, and much more. It is all about enhancing the quality of life for teens with cancer during the many visits and stays at the hospital.

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