Today we had a senior walk in which all of the graduating seniors went to back to the elementary and middle schools to see their old teachers. In full cap and gown, and in the pouring rain, we went. The 2nd graders sang to us and gave us high fives as hard as they could. It was really a special moment.

     Putting on that cap and gown just made everything feel so surreal. I am graduating in 3 days. That's it. Soon the people I had seen in class every day since 8th grade will whisk off to different states to pursue their dreams. The money wise ones that will be with me at a community college will also be spreading their own wings.

     Our friend groups will no longer consist of just the kids we played sports with, that we lived near and went to this small school in this small town. We will know people from all over. Hopefully, people that challenge the way we think and open up our minds to make us better people. We might get to know an exchange student from Norway, or a surfer chick from California, the possibilities are endless.

     As I walk across the stage and receive my diploma on Saturday, I will think about how lucky I am to have made it to this point. This point that felt like it was miles and miles away until it was right in front of my face. I am so nervous to graduate because I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I have proven to myself that I can fight through anything and make it to the other side.


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