Glory Moment

     I can almost see it. Almost feel it. My freedom. No more planned hospital stays, and hopefully no more surgeries. My immune system is slowly growing, and so is my impatience to finally be free. I finally will get to drive a car and go to the movies. I think I'm most excited about being around puppies again. But I'm still a little ways off from this spectacular freedom.

     I have come so far, and looking at the mountains I have left to climb can seem intimidating, but why would I stop fighting now? I will take everything as it comes until the day I finally get to walk into my school and be around people I care about. It can be easy to get tired along the way and give up. But then you never get to have your glory moment. You will never have that butterfly feeling in your stomach as you accomplish something you've been fighting for.

     The journey may have been the hardest thing you've had to go through, but the victory makes it worthwhile. There's nothing like the feeling of achievement. Even if you're feeling yourself start to wind down and tire from your journey, keep on. 

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