I finally got my freedom. I can go out in public again and I can go out with friends again. I finally get to be around animals and around babies. It's wonderful. Hopefully, I'll be able to drive again soon, too! I didn't realize just how free it feels to be able to go into a store until it was taken from me; now I have that ability back and it's amazing.

     I have been able to go see a movie, go out to dinner and go shopping. It has been a ball. My next goal is going back to school and getting a job. My life is starting to get back on track. I had a long period of side tracking but now I'm back.

I don't think I would be where I am mentally without the support of my friends and family, my care team at chop, or my family at ARVF. The opportunities I have had and the people I have met have helped to light the way to my future. They have helped me get back on my feet in a miraculously short period of time.

     Step by step my life is starting to feel more under my control and I must say it's an addicting feeling. My eyebrows have come back and so have my eyelashes. My hair is peeking in FINALLY. Everything is slowly falling into place for me and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for reading my blogs and keeping up with my daily life and following my journey. They'll hopefully be filled with me conquering my aspirations from now on.


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