I am so beyond ecstatic to announce that in March I will be attending Rizzieri Aveda School in Voorhees for twice a week learning cosmetology. I am so beyond excited for the amazing opportunity they have given me. They have awarded me a full scholarship and I cannot thank them enough! I am so excited to thank them in person at the Birthday Bash! 

    When Giselle and Bridget told me about this amazing opportunity my jaw dropped and I was astonished! Things this amazing don't usually happen to me. Being able to actually learn from professionals and perfect what I love to do will make finding a job in the beauty industry a lot easier. I cannot wait for my first day of this program. Thank you to ARVF for making them aware of who I am, and to Rizzieri's for this scholarship to improve my makeup skills and to help me thrive in the business.


Check out my Halloween Make-Up and more looks on my Instagram @high.on.highlight

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