Close To Normal As Possible

     Finally home. After a recent stint in the hospital due to breathing concerns, it now seems that I have PJP pneumonia happening in my lungs. I'm having a hard dealing with everything being thrown at me as of right now as I'm getting ready for my surgery sometime in September. I can only hope that my pneumonia goes away before then. 

     I've made the truly hard decision of taking this first semester off of school and not trying to push myself physically to get from class to class until I'm healed in the spring. It took me awhile to be okay with this, and I'm still not sure I fully am. I want my life to be as close to normal as possible, but that is unfortunately just not the hand I was dealt.

     If I wait a semester I will be in a much better place, hopefully, when I attend in the spring. By then, I will hopefully have a job again and be back to living life. For now, positive thoughts and love from my friends are what I need. I will just need to take it easy the next few months and finally stop pushing my body to do what it can't. But still doing enough to keep me occupied.

     If anyone has any suggestions of things I can do from home, or on crutches, since I will be on them for a number of months after surgery, that would mean a lot.

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