On Friday I will be getting blindfolded and my hairstylist cousin will be dying and cutting my hair any way she likes. I have no idea what colors or cut. It feels so amazing to be able to choose to give someone power over my hair. I have the choice that I haven't had in almost 2 years.

     It's amazing to know this all began just two years ago, for me it feels like it's been a lifetime. But I am looking forward to Friday. I feel like a kid on Christmas. I'm giving up control of my hair for someone else to do whatever they want and I couldn't be more excited! I think the biggest thing about this is that I finally have the power to choose. When I chose to chop off all my hair that wasn't really a choice....the only options I had was take it myself or let cancer take it for me, and cancer was not going to take that from me. But now I have the choice to be blindfolded and let someone dye my hair and cut or not do anything at all and let it continue to grow or do whatever else I want with it. It's amazing and I can't believe I get to finally make this choice. I can't wait to post all of the pictures before and after on Friday!

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