Bland and Metal

     Hospital food was always bad but sometimes worse than others. When I was on stem cell treatment the little menu I had to choose from was cut in half. I'm a very picky eater so this sucked for me. Most of the time we brought in food from home and kept it in the fridge so I didn't have to eat hospital food.

     There is a whole cafeteria near the lobby of the hospital and the patients are not allowed to order from there unless someone else is going there to order it and get the food. How crazy is that? The food was probably the worst part because the chemo made everything taste like metal. Everything. I could still taste things that were strongly flavored but in the hospital, everything was mostly pretty bland. I'm lucky my grandmother was able to bring me food from home so I didn't have to order from them.

     I don't think any hospital really has good food. When I got both of my hips replaced this past fall, that hospital menu was honestly even worse, and this was an adult hospital. I thought it would be different. I didn't even have food restrictions then so I could get whatever. All they had that I was willing to eat was a salad and a turkey sandwich. If I had been there for more than just two nights then I probably would have brought food from home.

     I'm glad to be home now and free to eat whatever the heck I want. It's crazy that you don't think of being able to eat what you want as really a freedom that can be taken from you. But it is, and I'm happy to have it back.

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