Biggest Supporter

     The more I look around the more I find that YOU are the person you need in life. YOU need to be your biggest supporter. Leaning on other people can be a mistake sometimes. It's important for you to be strong for yourself and no one else. 

     It's always nice to have a support system, but it's also important to build yourself up and remind yourself that if you ever had to deal with life without a support system, you could. Because you can do anything. I'm so grateful and lucky to have the amazing support system I have. But I don't think everyone is as blessed as I am. It's important to see the strength in yourself and recognize it for what it is.... Amazing. Just like you.

     I hope everyone is enjoying their spring break and the great weather we have been having in South Jersey lately. It really brightens up a mood! Just remember to be strong for not only the people around you but for yourself. My grandmother used to tell me to look in the mirror every day and say I was beautiful to myself, and that one day I would believe it. It's the same thing with strength. Tell yourself you are strong and will make it through each and every day. Even if you don't believe in your amazing strength now, you will eventually.


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