Biggest Hurdle

     I was discharged today from physical therapy and she said I'm doing great. My biggest hurdle to overcome next will be regaining my endurance and strength. It's been a long two years of deconditioning and I hope it won't take that long to bring it back. It is very difficult being 19 and not being able to keep up with people twice my age without struggling to breathe and catching my breath. I know with determination I will eventually get to where I want to be.

     Next week I also have a meeting to finally pick out my college classes and get everything situated. I can't wait to start college and work again. 2018 has to be my year. Big changes and tough changes. It's going to be hard going to school and work when it's been so long since I have gone to either. I've been dependent on my grandmother for a lot recently and it's going to be hard once I have to do things on my own. But I've got everyone in my family to help me.

     On Sunday I'll be seeing my aunt and uncle, who I haven't seen unfortunately in awhile, and I'm so beyond excited. They have been there when I felt as though I was alone in Pennsylvania when I lived there. I cannot wait to see them! I'm finally starting to have things to get excited about. My mood has been pretty normal lately, but nothing really exciting has happened. My favorite season is the holiday season and it's already looking like an amazing one ❤

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