Better Spirits

     On Wednesday I will finally get my second hip replaced and hopefully be on a one-way street to a "normal" life. Over the last week or so my hip has gotten exponentially worse but only two more days with this pain then I'm on the road to healing.

     I'm planning to start college for the spring semester in January and find myself a job after the holidays. Thank you, everyone, that has been with me through this 2-year journey. I realize I am so lucky to be able to celebrate my 19th birthday on November 20th and get to celebrate outside of the hospital. I will be fresh out of the hospital after my surgery, and in some healing pain, but it will mark my 19th year being filled with good health, fantastic opportunities, smart choices, and loving people.

     It's insane to think that when 2 months after I turned 17 my world was sent into a tailspin and my typical teenage life turned upside down into hospital stays and chemo. Now, I will be going into the holidays in better spirits than last year when I was heartbroken. I could not go to the family Christmas Eve party and be apart of the rest of the holiday festivities. But I can say that no matter who low I felt my family picked me up, especially when they all came and sang to me on Christmas eve. It was the best Christmas Eve I've ever had and that I will remember forever.

     I will be sure to update everyone after my surgery and how I am truly feeling going into the holidays. I hope everyone is having a good week!

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