Being Scared

     It's ok to be scared. It's ok to worry. It's not ok to be consumed by these emotions. I am worried about the aftermath of my surgery. Will this even work? Will I get better? Will I one day be able to just have a normal life?

     I Will. I'm scared, but I remember that I've been scared before and came out on top. I've stared fear in the face and won.

"You just have to get past being scared to get to being great."

      Going into surgery this week will be terrifying. Waking up will be terrifying. Dealing with the pain will be terrifying, but I'll make it through it. You would be amazed how many terrifying things we all go through and still make it past. Even something like driving for the first time, that's terrifying. Having a baby, going to college, getting married: all things that are terrifying. But has that stopped anyone from going to college, having beautiful babies, or getting married? No.

     Being scared is just the feeling we have to endure before pure happiness sometimes. Living past fear is worth it. Not letting your fear take hold of your life. I could let my fear of surgery cause me to shrink into a scared lonely person, but instead, I will laugh with my friends and family, and I will look forward to the holidays where I'll be able to breathe better and do more things. You just have to get past being scared to get to being great.

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