You don't realize how much people mean to you until you aren’t able to come in contact with them; even if they have a slight sign of the sniffles. For me, this holiday is truly about appreciating one another. It's ok to miss those that can’t visit you, but don't forget to smile at those you do get to see, and appreciate them for everything they do for you. 

    I'll miss my family this Christmas at the Annual Christmas Eve party. I can't go this year due to my low blood counts from the stem cell operation. But I still get to spend Christmas Eve and the holidays with those that are able to come visit me, and I appreciate them going out of their way to see me, even if it's only for 5 minutes. I especially get to spend the holidays with the one woman who has been my everything and my sanity for the past year. I couldn't appreciate my Mommom more if I tried!

     This holiday I hope everyone is filled with love and appreciation for one another, let grudges go! Appreciate those you do have to spend the holidays with, because you never know when you've spent your last holiday with that person. Just enjoy the presence of people, and appreciate them for all that they do. 

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