10 Days of Adventure

     The last two weeks have been literally magical for me. I was able to tag along on my cousins' vacation and experience Disney. Missing my senior trip was unbelievably hard. But 10 full days of Disney versus only the 4 I would have gotten on the senior trip made me feel so much better.

     From start to finish I was all smiles. I felt like a child back in Disney. I haven't been there since I was so young and being there at 18 just made me appreciate all of the detail they went to to make children feel like they were really inside of their favorite movie. My personal favorite part was the new attraction of Pandora. The movie Avatar has been one of my favorites and being immersed in a world and walking around on paths that feel like you're in Pandora is spectacular. The new ride where you get to ride on the back of a Banshee from the movie really makes you feel as close as we can to flying.

     It was absolutely amazing. I didn't want to leave. I'm so thankful that my family was able to give me this opportunity and that I was able to go and make unbelievable memories. I won't ever forget Disney 2017. 10 days of adventure.


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