Victorious 4 Teens Teen Kit & Bandana Pillow - $100

2018_Teen_Kit.pngIt's so hard to find perfect "thinking-of-you" gift for teens. But we have figured it out! Our unique one-of-a-kind Teen Kit & Bandana Pillow is part of our Victorious 4 Teens Teen Kit program. Shipped to over 2000 hospitalized teens, these Teen Kits are filled with age-appropriate activities and items to help pass the time. Our dedicated volunteers help assemble Teen Kits and handcraft the Bandana Pillows. We can custom make the pillow for your school, or business using your colors. YOU pick the color to match your personality & purpose! Email Us for a complete list of colors, &/or custom design.

If this is being gifted to a brave individual battling a recent diagnosis, we are happy to also include a special message on an Alicia's Notecard at no extra cost! (Everyone loves this special personal message option, it is the ideal way to personalize our\ gift!)

We ship throughout the United States using UPS, and are happy to ship directly to a home, office, or hospital! After receiving your confirmation email, you can provide the shipping information and personal notecard message.


Exact items in each Teen Kit are subject to availability. All items are new and individually sealed.


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