This photo won't mean anything to anyone besides me but this was my last day of being a normal carefree teenager. My physics teacher, during homeroom, let me make the glass tubing for an experiment the next day. I didn't finish them all, so he said "well, you can always finish the rest tomorrow." But that night was when I went to the hospital.


     Months later, I returned to school to see everyone on my last day of Junior Year. He still had a cup full of my unfinished tubes, waiting for me. He let me finish them then. I nearly cried. He had kept them like he knew I'd be back to finish them. Mr. McCauley was such an amazing teacher through and through. I sucked at physics, but he was still a great teacher. I'm lucky to have gone through high school with some amazing teachers that have impacted me throughout my time there, and for the rest of my life, for the better. This turned into a teacher appreciation post! But hey, teachers deserve appreciation!

     When I was diagnosed I was thoroughly surprised at just how concerned my teachers were. My principal and a few of my teachers came to my house to make sure I was okay and help me with school work. All of my teachers went above and beyond to help me academically during that hard time. I'm lucky to have had the teachers and administrators that I did, I couldn't imagine how hard it would have been if they would have still treated me like every other student. My teachers have always been helpful to me throughout my whole life and that's not something many people can say. Every year, I had at least one teacher that majorly influenced me for the better. 

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