I'm currently having an extremely hard time with everything that is going on. My Avascular Necrosis (AVN) has made it incredibly difficult to walk nowadays, and my surgery isn't for another 2 weeks. AVN makes it harder and harder for me to be in any type of position that doesn't cause pain. Hopefully, this pain will be fixed after my surgery and I'll be a lot better.

     I'm starting to get much more passionate about makeup and the art form that it can take. With all of this free time I'm having from not being able to go out much I've discovered that I want my future covered in eyeshadow and liquid lipstick. As soon as I'm better I plan on getting a job at a beauty supply store and seeing where that takes me.

     Right now, I am mostly counting down the days until I no longer have this awful pain. Hopefully, that will be very soon. For now, I can keep myself busy with makeup and my gorgeous new crazy hair ❤!


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