Keep Us Strong

     I will be going to speak to a group of middle schoolers next week, and I'm so excitedly nervous to speak. I have major stage fright, but I am willing myself to get over it. I cant wait to speak and inform kids about what it's like to have cancer and make it through it. I want to show them that their strength helps keep us strong. 

     At times, I'm unsure of what I have to offer these kids. All I have is an experience. I have an experience hopefully none of them will ever have to relate to. But hopefully it's one that will have some impact on they way they live their day to day lives and how they carry themselves.

"I want to show them that their strength helps keep us strong."

     Hopefully, their mindset will become more positive and their worries will become less severe. I hope to take a little weight off their shoulders with a message that they'll get through it. If I can survive cancer, then they can survive whatever it is they are going through. They can perservere and make it. They will be ok. I want to leave them wanting to live their life to the fullest because you never know when it will be taken away. Stay happy and don't sweat the little things

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