Back to School

     So I'll be going back to school soon, and 50% of me is so excited and 50% is so nervous. With all of my lung complications, I'm so scared of not being able to make it to each class without being exhausted. I'm scared I'll be so far behind. Most of all, I'm scared that people will look at me differently, or with pity. But I am excited to be around my friends and teachers who cared how I was doing through this whole journey. 

     My school has shown more support for me than I think most schools would show a sick student. They raised money, they came to events, and they visited me. I am so grateful for the support system I have. Yes, my anxiety going back the first day or so may be hard, but I'll get over it. Once I'm back in the motions and back in the swing of things I'll be fine and be able finish out my senior year like a normal student.

     I can't wait to be back and in those halls. Hopefully my school is ready for me to be back! Now I'm hurrying to get as much online school work done as possible so I am as caught up as I can be. I am so proud of how far I've come and how far I'll go.


Last week, I got to go visit an elementary school and talk about my journey to the students!

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